What impact does the attitude, the performance and the communication skills of your managers have on the rest of your staff and bottom line? The answer may be an obvious one, but how many organizations actually take it seriously and invest in the tools, the training and the coaching to make sure that their leaders and managers can cope with and indeed can excel in today’s business environment?

Our coaching has been established to raise the level of professional and personal development through the coaching of people within organizations.

Adding Value Coaching Program

Adding Value coachingprogram är ett individuellt coachingsprogram för projektledare. Programmet är tänkt att vara en praktisk utmaning som leder till tillväxt och utveckling. Vi skapar en personlig plattform som bas för individuell utveckling utifrån de personliga egenskaperna och färdigheterna och utifrån den personliga situationen. Programmet skräddarsys efter kundens och organisationens specifika krav och behov. Programmet lämpar sig för nuvarande och framtida projektledare på alla nivåer i organisationen.

Our Coaching Approach: Mapping- Carry through-Follow up

We have many years of experience in coaching of all level managers in sales, project management and leadership. Our participants appreciate our structured, professional and pragmatic approach. Coaching on the job is the most successful solution to learn fast and to anchor that what is learned.

For each coaching assignment we are following our successful Coaching Program structure and processes:

Design (Mapping)

  • the assignment is defined
  • the participant design his or hers own development arena
  • analysis are worked through
  • questions are finished
  • results are discussed
  • aims are defined
  • the program form is chosen from three models
  • the elements in the program is chosen from a variety of modules

Coaching (Carry through)

  • in cooperation with the coach
  • a number of meetings within a period of one to eight months
  • telephone and mail contact throughout the program
  • specialists may contribute to the program
  • assignments and tasks are done between the meetings
  • the participant is able to follow the personal development


  • personal follow-up and evaluation of the Adding Value Coaching Program
  • modules and meetings can be added to the program

Leadership and Management Development

Leadership and Management development is always based on various situations and requirements of the participant, and holds the possibility for individual adjustments. Our methodology makes it possible to anchor the development by the participant, as well as within the organization.

We work with learning processes and use didactic methodologies, with the purpose to create conditions for a lasting change and development. The different stages in the learning process are tied together with working related tasks, which makes the learning process continue throughout the whole program.

The purpose and the extent of the learning process are thoroughly planed together with the participant. The process begins with personal interviews, with the purpose to analyse the organization and the personal arenas.

Leadership development is aimed at leading groups and leaders and can be applied at all levels. We focus on Sales Managers, Project Managers (PRINCE2®), Programme Managers, Line-Managers, Board Members, etc. of various levels.