Project Management Solutions

Adding Value Consulting helps clients to improve their Project Management method and its project management capability, in order to contribute to improving business performance. Objectives of our project management solutions are:

  • To analyze the current Project Management competence at individual level
  • To development an uniform Project Management process based on the project management standard PRINCE2®
  • To promote the new Project Management process by workshops
  • To develop a Project Management course program in order to fill up individual Project Management Competence gaps


  • Audits/checks to continuously monitor and encourage individual Project Management skill development
  • Project audits to continuously monitor how projects are managed and advise on how they can be improved

The Development Solution will cover three areas; Skills, Processes and optional Systems and Tools.

Project Management Assessment

We start with Project Management Assessment. The benefits of the Project Management (PM) Assessment are identified in the perfect adaptation of the PRINCE2® methodology in the organization.
The objective of the assessment is to evaluate the PM practices used and to adapt the training path with the clients’ needs. During the assessment we identify the needs in term of training and coaching.

Project Management Implementation

The Project Management Implementation program will be defined during the Project Management Assessment with the Project Owner.
Some objectives of the consultancy program to be defined with the client are:

  • To analyze the business and the staff competences in term of Project Management
  • To develop a Project Management structure based on the Best Practice PRINCE2®
  • To adapt PRINCE2® templates to the clients organization
  • To re-design processes and themes to the clients organization
  • To maintain or improve the development of the individual skills in Project Management and possible Leadership
  • To analyze some projects. Control how projects are managed and evaluate processes that can be improved
  • To support the implementation of PRINCE2® within the clients organization
  • To assuring the overall benefits and principles
  • To show the benefits of the PRINCE2® concepts and principles
  • To coach the management of risks and issues inside projects